Brand 813 Ottotredici was founded in 2008 thanks to an intuition of Annalisa and technical capabilities of Paolo Panerai. Paolo initially was the implementer of the creative desires of Annalisa by consulting on fabrics, printing and coloring. Annalisa and Paolo, they both followed the process of cutting and hand washing scarves in laundries. And there , they developed the unique and unmistakable softer fragrance that makes scarves so soft and perfumed. A combination of modal and silk, modal and cashmere scarves are made with natural dyes and prints with recurring themes: horses, dogs and nature, the world loved by the fashion designer and from which she takes inspiration.

Day after day their business relationship has become more solid and similar to a fraternal friendship. So now it could be said that this adventure is become a true story. 813, this unique brand, whose name has given by the union of the birth dates of Paolo (February, the 8th) and Annalisa (February, the 13th), create an association of numbers that represents a butterfly, symbol of freedom for both. The desire to be involved in the fashion world has always been their great passion and it has led Annalisa to play with her thoughts, turning dreams into “Emotions to wear”. Thus was born the first collection “Autumn – Winter 2009” for Ottotredici. Initially business was purely Italian, especially located in Veneto and Lombardia. The following years 813 with its glamorous products was able to extend its own market in Europe and in other Continents.

Season after season Ottotredici has been able to give space to news: in prints, fabrics, patterns not only scarves, but also blankets, ponchos , capes and finally clothes where the scarves’ graphics become fine dresses. Thanks to the work even increasing, all the business branches are pressing ahead with passion and satisfaction in seeing what began as an adventure and has become a solid true. On social networks, Facebook and Instagram pages, 813 is collecting more and more fans. Every day Staff tries to find out new ideas in posting, in order to attract people to its world. The company is growing and with great satisfaction between end of year 2013 and beginning of year 2014, Ottotredici has received the certification of the products: created, edited, designed and finished entirely in Italy. The “crazy” fantasy of Annalisa and the tenacity of Paolo has permitted this. Ottotredici, a passion, a dream, a desire, but also a beautiful reality.